Crane Tank Green Triangle Cовременные Бетонные Конструкции


Deuch Quarter

Scheme of quarter development with comfortable and modern town houses made of prefabricated reinforced concrete.
In the process of construction works, quality modern and ecologically clean materials with energy-saving features, in particular, high thermal and sound insulation indicators, are used.

The project of multilevel building on the Soviet Border guards avenue, Grodno

Multifunctional residential complex, which will be located in the quiet center of Grodno - on the Soviet Border guards street.
This is a modern development, which is ideal for any citizen.

 The concept of a comfortable quarter on the Soviet Border guards street is a result of fruitful work of a team of professionals in the field of real estate. Thanks to actual construction technologies, the latest engineering and service solutions and a modern approach to the complex development of the territory, we have managed to create a project in which life follows the main idea about the comfort and convenience for each resident of the complex! 

Residential complex "Yantarny" is a building with breathtaking views, filled with light and air, from the windows of which a panorama of the forest "Rumlyovo" opens up.

We know that for a comfortable life it is not enough just to build a house, we have to take care of what surrounds it.

In walking distance there are the most necessary objects for comfortable life: playground, recreation area, parking lot. And for visiting a shop, pharmacy, bank or beauty salon, just walk down to the groundfloor.

Residential complex "Yantarny" is not only an ideal house, it is a community, friends and neighbors with common views.

           A stylish and comfortable place of resort will catch fancy of true experts of beauty and practicality.

Here we will have:

                  - playground;
                  - landscape eco-design concepts;
                  - cozy places to relax and meet friends.